Yorkie attempts to break up ferret fight
  • 05.12.2022
  • 62

Borchy and Romchy the ferrets seem to have gotten into a bit of a scuffle, so Deborah the Yorkie tries her best to break it up. Check it out!

Yorkie Keeps 3-Year-Old Safe After Getting Lost in Missouri Cornfield Overnight
  • 05.12.2022
  • 840

A mom called 911 after her daughter wandered into a massive cornfield. Timberlyn Merritt is a busy stay-at-home mom. Her three-year-old daughter, Remy, is always on the go, and her one-year-old Yorkie is never far behind. Merritt says she left Remy on the swing set for just a minute and when she came back out, Remy was gone, and so was their dog Heath. More than 100 people joined in the search, combing through the 8-foot high corn stalks. But Remy was not alone. Heath never left her side. #InsideEdition

Giant Husky Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time!!
  • 04.12.2022
  • 3164

Who would have thought we would get this reaction! The size of this dog! its just so pure to see this type of rection from a dog and to understand how loving and caring they can actually be. They understand more than we give them credit. Teddy is an amazing and gentle giant! His ears are always back as a sign of submission, that's just the way he's always been. Even when he was 8 weeks old an he met Amelia at 6 months old, the sheer joy on his face was a delight to watch! Go check that video out too it's so wholesome!

Happy Yorkie mom adorably plays with her puppies
  • 02.12.2022
  • 798

Deborah the Yorkie is happy to play a game of tags with her 2-month old puppies. This is very cute and fun!

Little Chihuahua protects and takes care Baby
  • 01.12.2022
  • 6252

Link Video: Link website : Thanks for watching and supporting our channel,wait to see more new videos every week on WOA Dog Loves Baby! Content description: Little Chihuahua protects and takes care Baby | Dog is the best nanny of Baby Music: Maple Leaf Rag - E's Jammy Jams; Friendly Day - Kevin MacLeod;

Clever 5 months biewer yorkie puppy doing basic tasks
  • 30.11.2022
  • 909

Biewer yorkie puppy

Most Adorable Teacup Chihuahua Compilation Video Ever
  • 21.11.2022
  • 16981

All that Cuteness is just too much for me to handle, They are so Precious.

20 yr old yorkie having a tantrum!
  • 20.11.2022
  • 1715

This is my 20 yr old yorkie Chewy being cranky. He has since passed and we miss every day!

Agility - Rhia the Super Yorkie
  • 18.11.2022
  • 725

Agility - Rhia the Super Yorkie

Yorkie puppy attack my baby boy.
  • 17.11.2022
  • 468

The scourge sweeping America is at it again. Our innocent young son is savagely attacked by this bloodthirsty beast. The authorities are helpless against this menace. By the time the local PD showed up the miniature terror was on to it's next victim. People I beg of you, don't let this savagery continue. The Yorkie threat must be eliminated. Go to my new channel!

The Heart-Melting Story Of Tiny Yorkie, Who Saved 250 US Soldiers
  • 16.11.2022
  • 461

Her act of courage resulted in relieving 250 ground crewmen from risking their lives, for the work she had done in a matter of minutes would have taken three days of digging under daily enemy bombing attacks. The quick resolution of the telegraph wire malfunction kept 40 United States fighters and reconnaissance planes operational in a crucial moment.

Yorkie Protecting Her Daddy
  • 14.11.2022
  • 856

Gracie the puppy dog does not like to be bothered when she gets to cuddle with Daddy in the morning. She will go crazy and try to attack you if you come close. She is sassy but we love her to pieces.

Yorkie Haircut Who Is Afraid Of Grooming | Yorkie Grooming
  • 14.11.2022
  • 162

How to make yorkie grooming? Most dogs don't like grooming for various reasons. Some pets are afraid to bathe or cut their nails. Some pets are afraid of a hair dryer. You should always make grooming as comfortable and relaxed as possible for the dog.

Yorkie dying to play football
  • 14.11.2022
  • 345

Our Yorkie, "Romeo" decided he wanted to play football as my 10 year old son and I were throwing his football.... Romeo went into the house, grabbed his toy football, and the rest is detailed in the video.....