​Instagram Accounts to Follow For Pet Owners

​Instagram Accounts to Follow For Pet Owners

If you love animals, you can find inspiration in the accounts of pet owners. You may even find the next best friend for your furry friend on Instagram. There are plenty of such accounts on the internet, including those of King Kingsley, Maya, Aspen, and Suki. Here are some of the best. Follow them and enjoy the fun and unique content they provide! You may even be inspired to start your own!


With over 1.9 million followers, the account of Suki the Adventure Cat is one of the top pet-owner Instagram accounts. The three-year-old Bengal cat travels around the world with her human owner, Martina Gutfreund. Her photos feature Suki in stunning outdoor settings, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and iconic Bengal markings. Suki's owner also has a store on Etsy, which is filled with pet-related merchandise.

The account of Suki the Bengal cat will brighten up your day with pictures of the blue-eyed animal. She poses for her adorable owner in picturesque natural settings and wears bows in her hair. Her owner's pampered pet, Audree, also likes to post photos of the two of them. Another account of Suki the rescue cat shares pictures of her adventures exploring nature with her rescue pup.

King Kingsley

Kane Brown and Katelyn Sullivan recently welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kingsley Rose, to their family. The couple shared photos of their new additions on their Instagram account. While Katelyn hasn't posted any details about the baby's arrival, the new dad shared pictures of the two girls side by side. Check out the full series of photos below! After seeing the pictures, we can't wait to hear more from the couple!


Among the pet Instagram accounts to follow are the ones of Tuna the Chiweenie. The cute little mix between a Chihuahua and a dachshund has 2 million followers. She has a cute overbite and enjoys dressing up for special occasions. Her owner started following her account in 2012 and quickly capitalized on the trend by hiring her for collabs. In addition to her cute looks, Tuna also has a fun personality and is an avid dog-owner.

Maya the Samoyed is another one of the pet Instagram accounts to follow. The dachshund has a huge following on Instagram and often posts pictures of herself and her humans doing silly things. Her owner, Melissa, adopted her pups from shelters and has since made her Instagram account into a photo-documentary series. The Dogist updates new posts almost daily. Maya also has a website of her own.


If you love dogs and have an Instagram account, you've probably heard of Aspen. The golden retriever's owner, Sarah Lawrence, has an account with over a thousand followers. She shares beautiful pictures of her beloved pet and travels with him to far-flung destinations. In addition to the photos of Aspen, Sarah also features her golden retriever, Tucker, who is a surprisingly good photographer.

This golden retriever has a massive following on Instagram, with 293,000 followers. His photos of his trips to the great outdoors are stunning, and his golden fur stands out beautifully against the landscape. He's not just a good-looking dog - he also has a lot of interesting opinions. If you're looking for ideas for a great Instagram account, check out Aspen's page.


If you're a dog lover, you'll surely love Instagram accounts for pet owners. These accounts are filled with adorable pictures of adorable pets, including puppies and dogs. You can even find a list of dog Instagram accounts to follow by using the hashtag #DogsofInstagram. The following are some of the best dog Instagram accounts:

While you're on the topic of Instagram for dogs, there are several tips you can follow to create an amazing account. First and foremost, don't be overly serious. Be sure to include doggo-speak and trending memes. For example, the hashtag #unflatteringdogphotochallenge gained traction in 2020, and you should take advantage of this trend. Second, don't be afraid to experiment with different types of content.

Aspen has 3.9 million Instagram followers

Golden retriever Aspen is known for his good looks and adventurous photos. The dog has been to many places and is always on the lookout for her next big adventure. Her social media superstar status also gives her a chance to share her opinion on a variety of topics. The best way to create content for your dog's Instagram account is to follow Plann, which has everything you need to run a successful account.

Doug the Pug

In July 2013, Emily McLaughlin set up a personal Instagram account for her beloved pug, Doug. Almost immediately, she saw that his pictures were the most liked. So, she decided to give the dog a more appropriate name. She decided to give him the handle @itsdougthepug on Instagram. Since then, she's put her public relations training from her day job to good use. She's even gained more than 50,000 followers!

While Doug the Pug has become a social media sensation, Mosier admits that the most difficult aspect is the creative process. Despite this, she enjoys the process of photo-publishing. In September, Scholastic is releasing a children's book starring Doug. Leslie's mom, Patty, is a first-grade teacher and often incorporates Doug into her lessons. She has been tagged in nearly 100 posts since she started using social media.

Aspen has 3.9 million followers

The fitness freak model Aspen Mansfield has over 1.9 million followers on Instagram. She posts photos of herself posing in bikinis and amazingly-fit clothes. Her family consists of her father, mother, and brother, named John Mansfield. She became famous after posting inspirational captions on her photos. Since then, she has gained a huge following on Instagram. She started her career as a Social Media Star in 2012.

While Aspen is a golden retriever with 272 thousand followers, he isn't the only dog with a massive following on the popular social media website. Golden retriever Baboy, also has an Instagram account. He shares it with his human parents, who are photographers. This social media sensation has opinions about everything and is known for his playful photos. Aspen's following reflects the popularity of the golden retriever on Instagram.

Jiff the Pomeranian

The world's most popular animal on Instagram, Jiff the Pomeranian, has gained more than 8 million followers. He has appeared in television commercials, music videos, and has won several awards. In March, he was named "Favorite Instagram Pet" by Nickelodeon and received a coveted Emoji by users. Recently, Jiff helped launch a video game called "Sims 4: Cats and Dogs" in Germany. While Jiff is no longer a celebrity, he is still widely popular and has gained more than 8 million followers.
In addition to having a massive following on Instagram, Jiff is also a celebrity dog, with over a million followers. While being a celebrity dog can be stressful, Jiff prefers the simpler things in life, like ice cream. Because his tiny legs are not strong enough to pull a cart, he needs help with this chore. He also loves ice cream cones! Getting attention from his fans can mean big business for you, so it's worth taking advantage of the popularity of this famous dog.

Tucker the Golden Retriever

If you love the look of golden retrievers, then you'll love following Tucker the Golden Retriever on Instagram! He has millions of followers and has opened the door for other goldens to show off their personalities and quirks. He and his humans post hilarious videos and cute pictures of the dog in various scenarios. Follow Tucker to get an inside look at his life, and to find out the secrets to getting a million followers in no time!

The original reel video featuring Tucker has received more than 2.8 lakh likes. The comment section has become a hive of activity with dog lovers gushing about Tucker's new avatars. The video has also gained popularity with other dogs, who have begun commenting on the funny pup. Tucker has over 3 million followers on Instagram. His owner, Courtney Budzyn, manages his account. If you're interested in following him, check out his Instagram page to see more fun videos.

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